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Trasportare non è mai stato così facile

The Beetle, Kobak’s Daily vehicle, is the best solution and the safest way to transport and sanitize one or more portable toilets. The vehicle is equipped with a bicameral waste tank, one compartment for water and the other for the waste. The vehicle has another additional tank for the chemical with automatic mixing and a platform with automatic locking system without the use of clasps, to safely move the portable toilet. This security system guarantees a firm blockage of the toilets, thanks to a series of metal hooks which limit the movement of the toilet. Complete with remote control, to operate the water and suction pumps. The Daily vehicle is equipped with a localization tool, can come with a crane to fasten the works of loading and unloading of the toilets, facilitating the operators.

Technical features

  • Gross laden weight: 35 q
  • Power: 120 CV 
  • Waste Tank: 900 lt
  • Water Tank: 400 lt
  • Chemical Tank: 220 lt 
  • Vehicle’s width : 220 cm 
  • Vehicle’s length: 600 cm 


Combination for the toilets’ transport: 

  • 4 Koblò Regular 
  • 1 Maxi + 2 Koblò Regular


  • Remote Control
  • Towbar
  • Air Conditioning 
  • Parking Sensors
  • Fog Lamp