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Building sites
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One single structure, a thousand possibilities

Standard Box is the monoblock line created for those who need a functional and comfortable product, and a pleasant work environment. 


The units can be customized with various furniture, so they can become offices, canteens, bathrooms or dressing rooms. Fundamental in the work areas, they are a practical and versatile solution for ay destination. 


Ideal for construction sites, industrial areas, backstage of concerts and events, the Standard Box (used as offices, dressing rooms and stocking) can be combined with Kobak’s portable toilets. 


Monoblocks can be set up to meet the most different needs: with toilets, shower, squat toilet, disabled toilet, in the following dimensions: cm 244×244, cm 244×400 and cm 244×621, all cm 275 long. 

Accessories on request

  • Desk
  • Chair
  • Bin
  • Air conditioner
  • Cabinet
  • Bench