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A new smart experience to rent portable toilets

A smart company

Kobak chemical toilets are smart in production and smart in distribution

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One Kobak for each style

Kobak stands out among the others for its captivating structure and brilliant colors, the first company using customizable graphics for any kind of event and need. This because we believe that graphics and customization make the portable toilet a means of communication, abandoning the outdated idea that toilets must be hidden away. 

Our graphics are original and fun, the characters are taken from a variety of contexts, from the music industry to cinema and fashion – all re-interpreted in a surreal way, playful and bright-colored, perfectly fit for any occasion: weddings, themed parties or just to make your event a little more original and exciting!

We celebrate creativity and diversity, because those are the qualities that make us unique.

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koblò regular

Koblò is the Kobak portable toilet comfortable and functional, very bright and clean thanks to the natural light coming through the porthole, positioned on the roof. It comes with the Fresh system, running with clean water, activated with a foot pedal, that guarantees an effective and immediate cleaning with fresh chemical.

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Rocket is the newest portable toilet signed by Kobak, born after a meticulous work of research and development. A toilet with multiple colors and a modern and functional design.

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Poppy Hand

Poppy Hand is the external washbasin, with foot pump for water supply, which guarantees that the users avoid any contact with the external surfaces. Available in all Kobak colors, ideal for events and gatherings, but also in public and work areas. Complete with soap holder and integrated wheels for easy movement.

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Your Box is the new line of monoblocks designed by Kobak, with a refined and functional structure. With chic interiors and external neutral colors. This collection is ideal for special occasions, that request a more elegant environment.

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koblò maxi

Koblò Maxi is the portable toilet realized to meet the needs of everyone, thanks to its generous dimensions.

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standard BOX

Standard Box is the monoblock line created for those who need a comfortable and functional product, practical and safe. The units can be customized with various furniture, so they can become offices, canteens, bathrooms or dressing rooms.

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