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Kobak offers design products, innovative and licensed. Portable toilets and management software K2 on loan for free use.


Equipped vehicle distributed to all of Kobak dealers with a discounted formula, thanks to Kobak’ suppliers. An advantage in terms of prices, times of delivery and quality of the product.

Up and running!

Kobak immediately transfers the knowledge, the technical and practical skills acquired in time, thanks to an efficient working method, that makes the new dealer able to learn fast and face the challenges of the activity with total awareness.


Kobak guarantees technical, commercial and logistic support, during the start-up phase and also during the whole process of renting the toilets.


Kobak assigns, in accordance with its partners, an area of exclusivity. A brand already strong, well known and recognizable.


One of the advantages of being part of the Kobak family, is the optimization of the resources; Kobak will take care of the billing process and receipts, VAT advance, amortization of the toilets, costs of toilet stockage and downtimes of the warehouse.

Successful communication

Kobak and its team of Marketing and Communication experts will take care of promoting its dealers, with local and national campaigns, traditionally and online.

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Kobak is looking for new dealers to expand its distribution network. Contact us and become part of the family! You can also benefit from many competitive advantages.