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…it will be a crazy journey!

Rocket is the newest portable toilet signed by Kobak, born after a meticulous work of research and development. A toilet with multiple colors and a modern and functional design. The ROCKET portable toilet has clean and elegant lines, in full smart toilet style.

A concentrate of innovation and design

Rocket comes with toilet with pedal activation, washbasin, bigger and lighter porthole and bigger air vents. Among the new details, automatic gel dispenser (positioned on the outside door), LED light inside the cabin with presence sensor and a continuous fragrance supply.


These functions are activated thanks to the solar panel, positioned on the bigger porthole. For these reasons, Rocket is particularly indicated for events, festivals, concerts and gatherings, or in work places that require a high level of hygiene.

A choice guided by passion, that makes the difference for the planet

Rocket is the only eco-friendly portable toilet, that connects functionality and hygiene: the user never touches the surfaces when using the toilet or the washbasin and before and after the use, it is possible to sanitize your hands with the gel dispenser.

A star of comfort

Rocket is furnished with comforts to meet all kinds of need: a bigger mirror, coatrack, an ergonomic internal washbasin with pedal activation and a practical soap-holder with a large toilet paper holder.

Technical features

  • Cabin dimensions: 110x110x235 cm
  • Weight: 75 Kg
  • Door dimensions: 60×190 cm
  • Recommended uses: 300 mixed
  • Theoretical tank capacity: 250 lt
  • Red/Green Door Closing


  • WC with foot pedal
  • Toilet paper holder (holds 3 toilet paper rolls)
  • Soap holder
  • Washbasin with foot pedal
  • LED light with presence sensor
  • Automatic cabin sanitisation
  • Automatic gel dispenser
  • Clothes hanger
  • Mirror
  • Solar panel


  • Portholes for ventilation and natural lighting
  • Integrated wheels
  • Made of 100% recyclable polyethylene
  • In compliance with UNI EN 16194
  • Possibility of customisation
  • Made in Italy
  • Screening of the waste tank and its concealment